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Since ShakeMatch is coming along nicely, I decided to finish it all the way and add things like sounds and interfaces so it feels more complete. The jewel of that crown is going to be the power up functionality. It’s going to be awesome. I think.

As I discussed on an earlier post, I decided to go with Jira for project tracking. It’s definitely more than I need, but it does help keep my head on straight and set a more competitive schedule. I had a different game in mind when I started but I ended up taking a little detour to ShakeMatch since I liked the idea. I’ll still get to the original idea soon.

Product Roadmap

The schedule turned out to be only four weeks for the work I planned here. This is what I mean with being able to set a more competitive schedule; since I know how long things are actually taking me, I am more comfortable with challenging myself to finish more quickly. As you can see, I have my epics on the left side of the screen along with their task completion status; on the right, a Gantt chart giving a rough estimate of when the meat of each epic will get done. These dates map to the sprint schedule as I organized it.

Timelines! Epics! Excitement!

Product Backlog

Here is a sample of the backlog items. I organized my next few sprints already since I’ll get to them in the next week or so, and I’m showing the tasks within sprint 03 – Scores and Power Up. Take a look at the next one for the sprint’s Scrum board.

That’s a lot of work Carolina, are you sure about your schedule?

Scrum Board

And here is the last one, it is the status view of the current sprint. I just finished the persistent top scores so the player can try and improve their score whenever they get back in (Done column). I’m currently working on the power up functionality (In Progress column), and once I have the code written, I’m going to implement it with a button I’ll be designing (To Do column).

I kind of miss the Post-its on my wall though.