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Here’s my second ever illustration. This was more freehand than the last one. I found a couple of reference images for the perspective and proportions of the flower and the posture of the girl. I feel this was a lot more my hand than someone else’s. Cat Noir was more an attempt at replicating an existing image, this one is more my interpretation of this moment on the anime.

To start from the beginning, a couple of weeks ago I spoke with someone who asked me what was my first ever favorite anime. It made me stop and think, because I had the canned answers I always give (Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, even Candy Candy, although that show is not for kids) but none of those are my first. I went back as quick as I could in my head, and I landed on Hana no Ko LunLun, known in English as Flower Child LunLun, or as I and everyone I grew up with knows it: Ángel, la Niña de las Flores.

Ángel is a girl who travels the countryside with a talking dog and cat. She has a magical key/mirror that she hangs from the blue bow on her shirt. Her quest is to find “La Flor de los Siete Colores” (the flower of seven colors, not sure what it’s actual English name is). She helps people in distress by obtaining new abilities through her mirror. How it works is, she finds a flower, shines the mirror on the flower, and the flower gives her the knowledge (and matching outfit!) that she needs to save the day. Like on one episode she has to learn how to land a plane, so she suddenly has pilot skills and a cute uniform with a hat and everything. It took me today years to realize SHE’S A MAGICAL GIRL. omg. I’m excited.

In my illustration, I allowed myself to go to the pinnacle of the story. She finds the flower. She transforms with the flower. And she gets the most amazing wedding-like dress I have ever seen. But it’s not a wedding dress, it’s a fairy princess dress. After this, she needs to decide if she wants to continue helping people in the countryside or become AN ACTUAL FAIRY PRINCESS. I am glad this person asked me this question, or I would have never noticed any of this. Here she is.

Only 20.5 hours this time. lol. At least my time is going down.