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Finally finished this video. About a couple of weeks ago I modified my Candy Bounce concept game to make this one, I just needed to sit down and do the explanation, so here we are.

The main difference between Candy Bounce and ShakeMatch is that by having gravity and shake detection, along with a closed gameboard, the player can move the phone in any direction. I didn’t include a timer so the player could take their time trying to get the largest chain match possible. I was able to get to 26 or so on one try by picking one sprite to leave alone, then making as many matches as I could with the other ones, and then shaking the phone around until I got just the right position for everything. It was very satisfying. I wish it had had a rewarding sound that gets more exciting the longer the chain match gets.

Here it is.

I think I spent less time on this app than I did on the Cat Noir drawing.

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