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I finished the prototype of the endless runner! I’m super excited. I even made a quick video of the basic functionality and a couple of power-ups you can pick up as you run. I thought it was going to take me a few more weeks but I got so excited I dropped all my other projects and finished this one. My next step I think will be to port it to my Oculus headset and see how dizzy I get.

As I moved through the tutorials, I got better oriented in UE4, being able to predict what the instructor was going to do, and eventually doing it myself first and checking afterward to see if I got it right. There’s definitely something nice about not having to worry about possible syntax bugs on every line. I also changed some of the default assets and music so it had a slightly different feel.

Tutorial and assets: DevSquad Academy
Character kit: Rocket Arts @therocketarts
Intro music: Echo Blue Music @echoblue_music
Game music: Patrick de Arteaga